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30 Day Song Challenge : (26) A Song You Can Play On An Instrument

Unfortunately, there are no songs that I can play in their entirety right now. But there are a few I started to learn, and some that I will tackle later on. That is because I lack time because of my web integrator training. No idea when something will be posted, but keep checking this blog every once in a while, and who knows you’ll come across some serious rock ‘n’ roll (hmm..). Here are a few examples of songs that might appear in the future :

  • Radiohead – Exit Music
  • National – Start A War
  • Pink Floyd – Mother
  • Foo Fighters – Still
  • Rolling Stones – Love In Vain

30 Day Song Challenge : (3) A Song That Makes You Happy

Er zijn natuurlijk meerdere liedjes waar ik happy van word, en dit is er een van.

Rolling Stones – Bitch